Monza Safety Policies & Procedures

Monza Construction Company Inc. is committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees, subcontractors, clients, and the public at large. Job Site Safety is one of the most important items we deal with on a day-to-day basis. The most crucial element of Job Site Safety is awareness. The purpose of the following policies and programs are to make all employees aware of our obligations to local, state, and federal agencies as well as our customers, coworkers, and insurance providers.

Job Site Safety

This program covers all facets of safety that our personnel might encounter on a construction job site. Through this program we provide education to our own employees through regularly scheduled company safety meetings as well as to our subcontractors through weekly subcontractor job site meetings. Furthermore, we provide safety equipment and supplies to our employees as required on each job site.

Monza Construction Company Inc. takes our weekly safety meetings very seriously. During this meeting, our project superintendent meets with our subcontractors, suppliers, and customers to review our expectations on safe work procedures. We use this time to review the importance and requirements of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Materials Safety & Data Sheets (MSDS), and HazCom programs among other things. We usually discuss four (4) topics each week and document these discussions as necessary.

Our Job Site Safety Program has been developed in conjunction with the requirements set forth by federal agencies such as the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and state governing authorities such as the Arizona State Legislature.

Impairment Testing Program

Monza Construction Company, Inc. may require the collection and testing of samples for any job-related purposes consistent with business necessity including:

  • Investigation of possible individual employee impairment
  • Investigation of accidents in the workplace
  • Reasonable suspicion that an employee may be affected by the use of drugs or alcohol and that the use may adversely affect his/her job performance or the work environment
  • Maintenance of safety for employees, customers, or public
  • Maintenance of productivity, quality, or security
  • In addition to these reasons for drug and alcohol impairment testing, random testing may be required for employees or groups of employees.

This policy is meant to be in accordance with Arizona Revised Statute 23-493 regarding Drug and Alcohol Impairment Testing. It is Monza Construction Company, Inc. intent to acknowledge and include all statute provisions for Alcohol and Drug Impairment Testing into our policy. Herein are copies of the following:

  • Definitions - A.R.S. 23-493
  • Collection of Samples - A.R.S. 23-493.01
  • Scheduling of Tests - A.R.S. 23-493.02
  • Testing Procedures - A.R.S. 23-493.03
  • Testing Policy Requirements - A.R.S. 23-493.04
  • Disciplinary Procedures - A.R.S. 23-493.05
  • Employer Protection from Litigation - A.R.S. 23-493.06
  • Causes of Action based on Test Results - A.R.S. 23-493.07
  • Limits to Causes of Action - A.R.S. 23-493.08
  • Confidentiality of Results, Access to Records - A.R.S. 23-493.09
  • Construction; Collective Bargaining - A.R.S. 23-493.10
  • Effect of Mandatory Testing Obligation - A.R.S. 23-493.11

Please read these statute since they discuss the substances for which testing may be required and include a description of the test methods and collection procedure to be used. All test results will remain confidential in accordance to the guidelines in A.R.S. 23-493.09. Furthermore, employees do have the right to obtain copies of the written test results and explain test results in a confidential setting per A.R.S. 23-493.09. Employees are required to participate in this program and refusal may result in suspension or termination. Monza Construction Company, Inc. may take adverse employment action based on a positive drug or alcohol impairment test per the guidelines set forth in A.R.S. 23-493.05. Causes of action for such tests are also discussed in the statute under A.R.S. 23-493.06-08.

Regulatory Requirements

Per the requirements of the Arizona Revised Statutes, we maintain a Drug & Alcohol Impairment Testing Program. Under the terms of this policy, collection and testing of samples may be done for any job-related purposes consistent with business necessity.

The Arizona legislature has recently changed the law pertaining to an employer's drug & alcohol impairment testing policy. Follow this link to the full statute and its articles.

Employers and employees can gain the benefit of the new statute's provisions only if it has a qualified program. Per the requirements of these statutes, we have certified to our workers' compensation insurance carrier, State Fund, and the Industrial Commission of Arizona that our Drug & Alcohol Impairment Testing Policy is in conformance.

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